Monday, June 23, 2008

Teaching a child the concept of ZERO

It is a common believe that we learn math beginning with counting numbers, starting with the simplest 1, 2, 3, 4... It is said that the concept of zero come only much later. It is also believed that it is difficult to teach a child the concept of zero.

Now I present a solution to this problem. The solution will enable you to teach a young child (age 18 months and above), the concept of zero.

Suggested Materials
Candies / the child's favorite toy(s)

1. Give the child one candy, and tell him/her that that is '1 candy'.
2. Give the child another candy, and tell him/her that that is '2 candies'.
3. Repeat the above steps until you or the child is happy. (It would be good if the child is holding on to some candies in his little fist.)
4. Now take away all the candies (by force, if you need to, that's how a child learn) and tell him/her that that is 'zero candy' (and laugh your evil laugh). (Note: Do not return him/her the candies.)

How simple can that be? Stop making things so complicated! ^^

No child is harmed in the process of creating this post.
Any coincidence to anyone or any event is unintentional.
The author (i.e. me) would not be held responsible for any consequences if the torture should be carried out.

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